Welcome to Likely

Gateway to the Cariboo Mountains.

Likely is situated on Quesnel Lake, the deepest fjord type lake in North America and the only inland temperate rain forest in the World which gives this area it's unique climate. It is a small rural community in the foothills of the Cariboo District. Likely is best known for being on the Gold Rush Trail. It played a significant role in the Cariboo Gold Rush of 1859 when rough-edged boom towns like Quesnel Forks, Cedar City and Keithley Creek had overnight populations in the thousands, predating Barkerville.

Likely was originally known as Quesnelle Dam in 1898, when a dam was built to allow mining in the Quesnel River. The name was changed to Likely in 1923 to commemorate a popular prospector of that time, John "Plato" Likely.

Today, Likely is a friendly rural centre with a population between three hundred and three hundred fifty people. Facilities include a school, community hall, museum, chapel, library, and post office. Amenities offered to the visitor are; General store, restaurant, laundromat, pub/hotels and Inns. Lodges, B&B's, Guiding operations and Guided tours are also available...Likely has numerous Forestry campsites a class"C" Provincial park including boat access, camping, sani-dump, ball diamond and children's play area with info centre and museum all inside the park. Likely has many crystal clear lakes and rivers, and the only paved access to Quesnel Lake. The surrounding area supports recreational activities such as Snowmobiling, Mountain Biking, ATV Trails, White Water Rafting, Kayaking. The Quesnel & Cariboo Rivers are known for World Class Fishing, Hunting and Outback Camping. Likely is the gateway to the Cariboo Mountains. "Back Road to Barkerville" Which is the wilderness portion of the Williams Lake and Wells/Barkerville Circle Tour. A gravel road accessible by trucks, campers and trailers. This route is fast becoming a popular scenic trip, as you travel though sub-alpine meadows and thundering waterfalls. All surrounded by snow covered mountain ridges. The Residents of Likely invite you to explore Likely's wonders and experience the area's ghost towns, historic sites, and an abundance of wildlife and pristine wilderness adventures.


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